natural portal


April 25th - May 5th


Each portal is a space filled with imagery, information, poetry and ideas.

Divided into four parts, each part of the portal is an exploration of the season:

1. Origins:
Where it all began,
the festivities of our ancestors.

2. The Inner World
An exploration of our psyches,
and what is going on for us at this time of year.

3. The Outer World
A step outside,
to discover the changes of the season.

4. Ritual
Simple and gentle practices,
inspired by the ceremonies of our ancestors.

IMG_4633 2.jpg


Inside EACH portal you will find:

- lessons -
on the origins of our ancestor's traditional festivities
- practices -
one practice for each part of the portal,
each one is designed to help you ground into the season
- journal prompts -
sets of questions to get you in touch with this potent and magical time
- rituals -
simple and meaningful ideas for rituals
that are rooted in ancestral traditions, yet flexible enough to be personalised.


When you pay you will receive a special password and the link to the portal's gateway,
this will give you access to the portal as long as it is open.


Since time immemorial, animals have responded to the seasons of the Earth.
Geese, elephants, bears, salmon, and cicadas -
all navigate their lives according to the changing cycles of light and dark, rain and shine, death and rebirth.

People too, can align with the Earth by moving with the seasons.

- celebrating with ceremonies and rituals
- looking back to the ways of our ancestors
- getting outside and getting in touch with the landscape
- and going inwards, to tend to our own psyche, our inner landscape


These are all ways we can ground into the ebb and flow, the cycle and the seasons!
These are ways we can strengthen our bonds with the Earth.