Be: a mindful path

Be: a mindful path

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The BE Path is an online, go-at-your-own-pace, immersive path

guiding you into the ancient practice of mindfulness.


What happens when you click the button to checkout:

~ You will receive a special PDF document via email, with the links to each of the 4 parts of this Path.

~ I will also personally email you those links, so you can access them anywhere, from any device.



The 4 Parts:

1. Coming Home - Stepping into Your Awareness

2. The Inhale - Exploring Feeling + Igniting The Senses

3. The Pause - Rest, Reflection + Radical Acceptance

4. The Exhale - Loving Expression



Along the way you will find...


Five exclusive videos in which we explore the concepts and practices of the path.
These were some of my favourite things to create, and each one was filmed with great care.



Five small audio meditations for breathwork, visualisation, and cultivating self awareness.



...for each lesson we cover, both in the outer world, and in your personal sacred space.
Many of these will be exploring everyday activities, so we can bring your practice to life.



I also provide small question sessions, where I encourage you to reflect on your journey.
These questions are designed to get you in touch with your inner landscape,
to uncover gems sparkling in the dark.



Overflowing with nature, this is an experience meant to be seen, heard, and then lived!
The whole journey is paced, so that you can feel gently guided without being overwhelmed.



I will be with you every step of the way!