zoe eccles


I am Zoe.

And this is part of my story...

I arrived here, on this beautiful planet, one November day in a small stormy city on the South Island of New Zealand. I spent most of my life growing up there as a bit of a weirdo. Without a TV, cellphone, or any form of social media, my childhood years were taken up with reading all the books in the house, mixing potions and making voodoo dolls of my nannies.

Many of my memories have their roots in the Earth, in the outdoors, in the wilds of the woods behind our house. I remember running about barefoot and feral, leading my friends astray down by the river where we would build forts made of rose cuttings. I remember climbing trees, and encouraging my circle of sisters to scamper about naked in the bushes, much to the chagrin of their parents! Even back then, I wanted to eliminate any-and-all barriers between me and the wider world I felt so connected to... Even back then, I felt a heartcall to share my experiences with my little friends - leading secret clubs of learning and story-sharing.

As I grew older, my roots deepened. During the dark days of a long and very difficult abusive relationship, I found myself reaching out to the natural world around me ~ looking for tiny bits of bliss, encouragement, and soul-sustenance. I called these my Small Wonders. At the age of 15, I began taking pictures, trying to capture these wonders. I started a blog. I focused my spiritual interests down to one art - the art of attention, and began to practice mindfulness meditation, deepening my personal studies. It wasn't until recently, in my early twenties, that I reconnected with my earlier paths, reclaiming the name I had forsaken for so long: Witch.

In University I studied history and archaeology - got my degree in those subjects. Ever-interested in our changing relationships to the Universe, I specialised in the study of human beliefs and world-views ~ all the way down from pre-Neolithic hunter gatherers, to the intellectuals of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, to the romantic Victorians. I left before starting a PhD... (putting that in my "later" box.)

And now? Now I am traveling with my beloved, making nomadic tracks across this wide world, reconnecting with the wild - both outer and inner. I left New Zealand a couple years ago to follow my heart. My heart says go... Go to the places that are leafy and green, and the places that are dry with red earth, go to the jungles of concrete, and go to the hidden gardens, and the roar of the seashore. Go to the temples - both manmade and natural... Go.








1. an inhabitant of the planet Earth
2. a way of being in, on, and with the Earth.






I believe we are blossoming - unfolding our own personal and collective consciousness, to find the true seed of our beings and our place here.
I believe we all have a place here: personally, and collectively as a human species. I honestly think that we belong - that we are no less natural than the birds and the bees.
I believe we can make waves on this Earth ~ that each of us, no matter how small, has a path to walk, and a personal mythology to discover.
I believe that our footsteps may bloom and bless this world. That we have the ability to be lighthouses, way-finders, pioneers and path-leaders in these changing times.
I know that we can make a difference, just by BEING.

Sometimes you might feel that you want to be anything but here. Anything but yourself.
Sometimes you will feel that you are not enough. Actually, a lot of us seem to feel this a lot of the time: that we are not enough. Never doing enough, achieving enough, being enough. It is an icky feeling, to think that we need to be fixed or changed, or that we are responsible for fixing everything around us: including the world. Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? I have. For years I struggled to meet the stellar expectations I felt were placed upon me by family, by teachers... by myself. I felt I had to fix the whole world; lead a revolution in climate change reparation, and basically put a sticking plaster on every hurt I saw. Until it became all too much one day - the panic attacks, the pressure cooker of my life, and I decided to leave it behind for a while. To go out into the world, to let the Earth heal my inner wounds. To find myself again - the spark of me I knew was in there somewhere. Then I began to recreate my stories, to tell myself a new mythology, to see my place in the world more fully, more gently. I found new stories that felt empowering...



Stories like these:
You are allowed to be you - yourself. In all your many facets.
All your complexities.
All your feelings, your hurts and joys.
Feeling all these feelings is not a weakness - it is a deep and innate source of wisdom.
Like the tide, you are a moon-child.
There is an ebb and a flow in everything, and you are not separate from that, dear heart.
You get to make mistakes,
and change your mind.
You don't have to have it all figured out.
You don't have to earn your worth, because you are already whole.
You are allowed to enjoy your body, your being, this moment.
You can relax a little, let yourself sink into life...
stop worrying so much that you have missed something important.
You can be amazing, just by being YOU!

You can be magical, just by being fully, wholly and unapologetically YOU!
You can be spiritual, attuned and connected, just being YOU!
And just by being you: relaxed, peaceful, uniquely wonderful
the world is that much more blessed.






We are not separate from this Earth.

We are of the Earth. The earth is within us, and we rely on her for nourishment, shelter, clothing, companionship, love and nurturing. The air is within us. The stars are in us. We are a part of it all. No matter how we try to box ourselves in, shutting out the world, getting lost in virtual realities, or telling ourselves that we have gone too far ~ that we have ruined things... Our mama Gaia will take us back in a heartbeat, enfolding us in her loving embrace. We can and will return to her, each and every one of us. She loves us deeply, and in turn, we can love her... If we want our actions to reflect a deeper care for our beautiful planet, then we need to rekindle our personal relationship to the Earth and all her beings. The source of our actions lies in our thoughts. The source of our thoughts lies in our subconscious - our cultural notions, our worldview. Our worldview is shaped by every tiny experience we have, every moment, conversation and connection. If we can connect to the Earth, dig our roots deep, and find our place in her seasons and cycles,
then our actions will reflect that.





This is about BEING on the EARTH!
BEING in the ebb and flow,
the CYCLE and the SEASONS
BEING in each blessed, unfolding, and blossoming MOMENT






The sorcerer; The enchantress.
Maker of a new reality.
A way finder.

I am here to change the way you see the world.
To tell stories that shift the word 'magic' from the realms of impossibility to the everyday. To cast circles, and create gatherings that bring together bodies + sacred spaces.

I am a mover and a shaker,
a priestess of ancient ways for a new age.

I came here to transmute perspectives, to open up ancient channels of sight, sound and sensuality. To illuminate the divine that already exists within you and around you.

I believe the future of our relationship to this world depends on our personal connections to it!


... I am here to help you remember ...


zoe eccles magic

(& listener)

I studied history so that I could become a memory-keeper. I tell stories to share what I uncover.

I write to bring about clarity.
I write to inspire change.

I also listen to others stories - in a sharing circle, we take turns to hear the different parts of each-other's journeys.

zoe eccles fairy


I have practiced as an eclectic hedge witch since I was twelve years old. Since thenI have expanded upon my magical toolset, to include:
fairy workings,
mindfulness meditation,
sacred sensuality,
goddess devotionals,
earth-based ritual, 
beginner's wildcrafting.


. MUSE .

I see you in your power,
your beauty, your magic.

I see you in your darkness,
your shadow, your hiding.

I see you, as you are,
and I love you.

And in me
You can see a mirror
reflecting all that you are.




I hope to gather with each of you beautiful souls, somewhere, someday. 

In some moonlit woods
Where we will gather to dance fireside, and share stories of our journey.

In some desert spring
Where the coyotes will join in on our wild howling.

On some rocky shore
Where the wind carves windows into the temple of this land.

Under the sun, and beneath the stars
Let's find ourselves
Let's find each other.